Dear friends and followers of this hitchhiker,

I am moving out from Alfenas and coming back to the roads and to my nomadic life in South America.

Last time hitchhiking to Alfenas, Brazil, a nice little town that has been my 'home' for the past 8 months.

Since April 2017 I've been (forcedly in a way) living in Brazil. I've gotten a job and I've moved in to an apartment for the past 8 months. I was working for a Danish company here in town and remotely as a software engineer. But now I'm going back to the roads. I'll be hitchhiking as usual and living at people's place, I won't be bringing my tent and camping gear this time. I'm trying to travel lighter this time, so I can be nicer to my back. I'll be bringing a portable fishing rod :-)

I was invited by a working colleague to go camping in a beautiful place around Alfenas. I kept contact with nature often, also made a video in another nature place which you can get a bit of the vibe watching it here.

This is my last day in the town of Alfenas, saying goodbye to friends I've made in here and then hitchhiking towards the largest city in South America, São Paulo. In a few days I'll head towards south, and I'll be in the island of Florianópolis, Southern Brazil. No idea where the winds will be blowing me to, but I'll be trying to become a less anxious person, more social, more flexible and a more helpful human.

Who knows I'll eventually also find ways to get some paid temporary jobs earning as little as Brazilians often earn, but with a little bit of freedom as I can always hitchhike away. I might make more hitchhiking videos for my Youtube channel.

Will I find a lover? I don't intend to.
Will I find a place to settle? I don't expect to.
Will I see you around? Hopefully. :)

My blog is also changing it's url. Make sure in a next time you look for leocarona.blogspot.com .

I have been closer to 'old' friends during the past months.

I saw my family more often.

My roommates became my friends and therapists, I even felt like I no longer needed to start going to a therapist (today I think maybe I should have looked for one anyways LOL) 

I got this hat as a gift from Asia and it's been pretty useful for my sensitive skin under Brazilian sun by the roadsides.

One of the nicest thing of living in a place (for me) is to be able to have a bicycle. Watch my last cycling video here.

I tried a different road this time hitchhiking through the countryside going from Alfenas to my parents' place more than 500km away.


  1. Amei!!! Aguardaremos mais notícias e espero viajar um pouco em você ;)

    1. Também espero! Eu vi a Luisa já algumas vezes (poucas semanas atrás nos encontramos no Rio novamente), mas eu e vc não nos vemos há bastante tempo já!

  2. Obaaaaa de volta às estradas \o/

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