Where I've been hitching and hiding myself? Brazil

Well, some people already noticed I've been posting stuff without saying whereabout am I on Earth.

The reason for that is simple: I've been through some bad shit and that got me into a bad phase emotionally. There was nothing that dear friends, family or anybody else could do about it to help. I knew that time was the only thing that could heal me and bring me back up. Remembering what happened while answering questions wouldn't help me at all.

So I decided to hide where I was, take some time for myself, see a few old friends and take some time for my family who I haven't seen for a bit more than an year while traveling Europe and Asia.

I still don't feel like talking about what happened, but now I feel good enough to start saying where the heck am I and what's been going on.

Exactly talking, I've been in Brazil since end of April 2017. I've been in South and Southeast Brazil. I've been hitchhiking around, because that's what makes me happy. And I've recorded videos, although they haven't been published and who knows they'll ever be. 😊

August was the birth month of some people that currently matter to me. Beginning of August was Bank's birthday. Bank is the Thai guy who I met during my trips in Asia, we've hitchhiked/camped together and stuff, you might have seen his face if you've been following my previous posts. Ending of August was my twin brother's birthday.

So Bank took a flight and came to meet me in South America. He spent a month hitchhiking around with me in Southeast Brazil, meeting a few friends of mine and my family, who seem to have liked him. Yes, sounds like a relationship is being built - isn't it?  😉

A few days before my twin's birthday, Bank made a birthday cake for my twin brother and I. My family enjoyed it together.

On my birthday, 29th of August, I've had a different celebration in comparison to my past birthdays when you might have seen me in videos hitchhiking away on my own and spending the day on my own, in a tent in Serbia or drunk at a street corner of Copenhagen. This year it looks like I've got a company who's good enough to don't disturb my inner demons, and who I didn't mind to be together for the day.

And there we went. Hitchhiking from my hometown, Raul Soares, to Rio de Janeiro capital. We made a live transmission on Instagram at my birth time, and that you can watch here on this video below if you've got interest.

Bank's holidays are over and now he's on his way back to Thailand. I'm still in Brazil for some more weeks, with not many plans yet but we all know how quick I can hop in a plane and appear somewhere else on Earth.

If I have the chance to see you around Brazil, that will be cool. But if I don't, don't panic! I hope we'll meet again one day. 😊

Thanks you all for following,
and thanks everyone who've got some empathy over questions or judgements.

Love you,
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