1 month hitchhiking Indonesia and the World Rainbow Gathering 2017

From 26th of April to 25th of May I've been hitchhiking around Indonesia, Southeast Asia.

All the spots where I've hitchhiked during one month throughout the islands of Jawa and Bali, Indonesia. Recorded with MyHitchhikingSpots for Android.

What brought me to the country was a world gathering of the Rainbow family. Rainbow family is a sort of worldwide community of diverse people, people from everywhere, with all the possible differences you could think of: everyone is welcome with warmth and love from their unknown sisters and brothers. It happens during a whole month, but I've been with them for around 10 days myself. Camping on the beach or in the forest by the same beach, near a city called Tulungagung, if you're familiar with Indonesia.

You can read on this post why I was wearing a bra / bikini.
Indonesian flag.

During the World Rainbow Gathering I felt confident enough to try giving a workshop about how to travel with a low budget or how to travel with no money. Sitting there in front of around 15 sisters and brothers from the Rainbow family, I've shared names of websites, apps and other technological stuff that I've been using during my travels to make it cheaper or for free. I really liked how it felt, especially because many of them have been traveling for a long time as me, and they also participated adding some pretty cool and useful tips, besides sharing their own experiences also. I've made a blog post with a compilation of everything that we've talked about in that workshop, and if you're interested in learning a bit of these options as well, make sure you check the list Useful stuff for backpackers.

"A guy on a motorbike took a picture of us and posted it on facebook asking for help, for people to drive us. In a next city we were recognized by some guys who saw that post." (read here)

So back to travels in Indonesia.. Lot's of stuff have happened and I've got a lot of new experiences that I'll for sure carry along for the rest of my life. I've been posting about it on Facebook and Instagram, as you might have seen. I've also made a playlist of short videos of my hitchhiking experiences in the country, and you'll notice that Bank (my previous host from Bangkok, Thailand) came to join me for some days on this trip as well. Well, as you might eventually start guessing, from a CouchSurfing host and a CouchSurfing guest, Bank and I began a sort of a relationship with each other - which has been going quite well since he's also quite of a backpacker and he's been enjoying quite a lot to go camping and hitchhiking smooth and difficult places. ;-)

On my left is a Christian couple who picked me up. On the right is their Muslium cousin who offered to be our tourist guide visiting some Buddhist and Hindu temples. This is a bit of the diversity I've experienced, and I'm Atheist myself. You might want to read this and this.

Make sure you follow me on any social media or Youtube in case you don't want to miss all the adventures, campings, hitchhiking, tough and easy moments that I'm living during my trips. I've been learning a lot and meeting people all over the world, it's been amazingly opening my mind even more than it's ever been opened.

See you in my next country!

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