Suddenly I'm in Europe again - hitchhiking through Germany and the Danish hitchhiking competition

2 months have passed since my last update here summarizing where I have been hitchhiking through lately. I was hitchhiking through Brazil as you might have noticed and when I was somewhere in the countryside there, I've met some foreigners who told me about some very good special offers of flights from Brazil to Europe. That was when all of a sudden I decided that I was going to Europe. I thought 230 US dollars was incredibly cheap, plus I had my passport in my backpack so I was already all good to go - so that's what I did.

In my last days in Brazil I've experienced some luxurious stuff thanks to a friend who even paid me a day in a resort by the beach near the city of Salvador. There was a swimming pool in front of the ocean, access to SPA area, very fancy food and even some famous people of the Brazilian TV walking around.

I realized that it has been about 6 months already that I've been hitchhiking through Brazil, and the total of money that I've spent during this time was 840 US dollars. If it's something that makes you curious you can read it more detailed here.

Then I took my plane and landed in Frankfurt, Germany, for the first time in my life. Here are some highlights of stuff that have happened to me while traveling in Germany: I've got to known the drummer of a famous danish band called TV-2 (photo here) during my stay in the German capital, Berlin; I met in person some guys behind great worldwide websites for hitchhikers such as Hitchwiki and Tramprennen (photos here); and I was picked up by a couple when I was completely wet on the rain, nobody was pulling over for me, and this couple offered me to stay overnight at their place in a warm bed, and I of course took that offer (read more here).

On the third week of June I arrived to Denmark. I've been working on my first days as a volunteer during the second biggest Danish festival called Tinderbox (photos here); I've joined 30 people on a super fun hitchhiking competition across Denmark and this year my team actually ended up been one of the winners of the competition (you check a playlist of videos of the competition here); and I've gotten a birthday party on a boat in the touristic area of Nyhavn in Copenhagen, even though my actual birthday is only in the end of next month (read more about this here).

Last update: 14/9/2016.

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