Where have I been hitchhiking around and what's coming next on my lifting-thumb plans

Soooo my non-Portuguese speaking people, let me drop a line in English here. My brain is getting used to Portuguese again, I'm getting each day better in avoiding English expressions. But what matters for you is hitchhiking, so let me talk about it.

In my last posts in English, I think I was saying goodbye to my hometown. That day I was getting lifts with my family and got to the city of Coronel Fabriciano, where I've spent a few days at my twin's place. No hitchhiking yet, until I went to Ipatinga, where I've been staying since then at a friend called Ana.

Ana is a hitchhiker herself, a quite free and every-time up to an spontaneous adventurous. What a match when we two got together, hun.

On my first weekend at Ana's place, we decided to go out for a little sightseeing during a baking hot Saturday afternoon. We got to a very known park in the city center, where we started to walk around taking random paths and ended up passing under a bridge. That was when I realized we've just passed under a national road.

Wait, what? Where does it take us to? Ana, let's lift our thumb and when a car stops we go with them to a next city and come back later on?

Ana said yes, and there we go. She wore some shorts and shirts that she'd always avoid using when hitchhiking, but well, this time none of us thought we could end up in another city right. It was supposed to be just a walk through a park in Ipatinga, and we found ourselves later overnight in the city of Governador Valadares.

I have some friends in Governador Valadares and one of them named Clarice came to meet us. We had no place to stay that night, so sleeping on the streets just the way we've got to the city was our main option so far. I've talked to Clarice a few days before on the internet, but because she lives with her mother she couldn't have me over. So at any point I've considered she could be our host for that night (because if she couldn't host 1, imagine 2).

But, after meeting us and knowing, Clarice said she wouldn't let us sleep on the streets. So that night was full of beers in a bars, chattings and sleepings on a unexpected bed. For one night only, Clarice's mom would probably not mind having 2 homeless friends over. :)

And she didn't. Next day we had lunch with Clarice and her mother, and in the afternoon another friend came to pick us up. This other friend took us around Governador Valadares for a little sightseeing in a local park (just like it all started - with a sightseeing in a park, how ironic! -) before we hit the road to go back to Ipatinga.

We were there trying to get our first ride that day, and I saw a sign signalising that the other side of the road could take us to two different states. I've then suggested Ana that we should try to hitchhike in that side of the road.

Ana did like my idea, but she said we better don't make our way back even farther given the fact that we didn't bring any extra clothes, any water, any sunscreen, and any stuff for our personal hygiene. So we chose to stick to the idea of hitchhiking back to Ipatinga and maybe coming back to Governador Valadares in a few days, but now a bit more prepared for staying a couple of days.

But that isn't gonna work since we got back to Ipatinga and Ana again said yes right away when I suggested we should visit another city called Caratinga. And in Caratinga is where we are right now. Well, that is, until tomorrow at least. Because I suggested Ana we should hitchhike this weekend to the capital, Belo Horizonte, and guess what was her answer. We're departing tomorrow.

300km to go, and see you in the carnival of Belo Horizonte! Will be there until the weekend, when my brain switches back to English with the arrival of a Danish friend coming all the way from the city of Svendborg!

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