A cat by the roadside and a car stopped to pick me up

Um gatinho na beira da estrada e de repente peguei uma carona na Dinamarca!

Um gatinho no meio do mato me observando caronar, exatamente nessa hora um carro para pra mim :)

A motorista me convidou pra ir visitar dois amigos dela com ela, e eu fui! Até tomei uma cerveja com eles e fui levado de novo até a estrada pra seguir pedindo minhas caronas rumo ao sul.

A cute little cat in the middle of the grass watching me hitchhike, when a car actually stopped for me :)

The driver invited me to come visit two friends of hers, and I did so! I even had a beer with them and afterwards I was back to the road hitchhiking south.

I wonder how many Danes who's reading this post actually knows where the city where I am is today. It is called Oegoed, and it's located in western part of Jutland.

To get here by hitchhiking - complementing what you watch in the video - was pretty much like this:

  • Around 30min waiting in Aalborg an I was picked up by a woman from the island of Mors who drove me to somewhere before Viborg. She has hitchhiked once when younger.
  • Around 5min two young Danish brothers picked me up to Viborg. One of them has hitchhiked in the past.
  • In not more than 10min a guy pulled over, he was more hangover than me and said that there were chances that he could have to stop to puke at some point. He also passed by somewhere to pick up his brother, who later told me he has hitchhiked once as well. PS. I could get married to both of them, at once, tomorrow, haha Their last name should be Prettybrothers or something alike. LOL I was dropped off somewhere before Herning.
  • Around 30 to 40 min, and when I was filming a cat in the middle of the grass (video above) by the road, a woman picked me up. She had been hitchhiking a few times in the past too. She invited me to some friends placer, I came along, she gave me a beer and a bit later dropped me off on the road to continue my journey.
  • 3min and a couple of elder Danes super nice both of them were going to Esbjerg and dropped me of in Ølgod, my destination.

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