How to hitchhike from Odense to Copenhagen, Denmark

Como pedir carona de Odense para Copenhague, Dinamarca

De novo fui pra Copenhague pedindo carona sexta passada :) O segundo fds consecutivo que fui pra lá de dedão. Tem legenda em português no vídeo.
É tipo um tutorial pra quem quiser pedir carona daqui de Odense pra lá, qual bus pegar, onde descer do busão e onde pedir carona.

Clique aqui para ver local no Google Maps.

Cómo hacer dedo de Odense a Copenhague, Dinamarca

Una vez más me fui a Copenhague haciendo dedo en el viernes pasado :) El segundo fin de semana consecutivo que me voy para allá de esta manera. El video tiene subtítulos en español.
Es un tutorial para aquellos que deseen ir a dedo desde Odense (la tercera más gran ciudad del país) hasta la capital. Cual bus tomar, dónde bajarse y el punto exacto donde quedarse enseñando tu pulgar.

Clique aqui para veer en Google Maps.

Once again I went to Copenhagen hitchhiking last friday :) It was the second consecutive weekend that I made it.

This is kinda a video tutorial for those who want to hitchhike from Odense (the 3rd biggest city in Denmark) to the capital - Copenhagen -. Which bus you should take, where to get off it and the exact spot to put your thumb up.

  • Take the buses 21, 22 or 23 from Odense central station (the train station in the middle of the city) towards Højby or Hjallese.
  • Ask the driver to drop you off at the first stop after the McDonalds. You're gonna get to where I made this video.
  • Now that you got off the bus, you'll just need to cross the street and lift your thumb at the corner you see in the video.

Click here to see it on Google Maps.

I usually get picked up in 10 to 20 minutes waiting here, but as we're talking about hitchhiking of course it also happens that I'm picked up here by the first car after 1 second waiting or after way longer times. By some other hitchhikers experience [Hitchwiki], the average waiting time here currently around is 35 minutes.

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