Hitchhiking spot from Odense towards Jutland (Germany, Kolding, Aarhus, Alborg, etc) - with video

On a Friday afternoon that I needed to go to the city called Kolding, in Jutland, I decided to check the Hitchwiki Maps and so I found some hitchhikers suggesting that a good spot to hitchhike to Jutland is the same roundabout where I'm always hitchhiking when going towards Copenhagen, which is to the completely oposite direction. Of course the difference is that I needed to hitchhike in the ramp right at the corner of the McDonalds. That McDonalds is near the highway/motorvej, and is very known by the hitchhikers who live here in Odense.

So I went there to give it a try as most of the time that I had tried to hitchhike in another exit of Odense when going to Kolding, Aarhus, or other cities in Jutland I got stuck waiting a bit longer time than usual. My result this time then was actually surprising: I waited 1 minute in this new spot and a woman alone in her car picked me up. The first thing she said as I got in was "Sorry, I didn't buy you an icecream" - saying that on a way as she could know that she was going to find me by the road right after buying her icrecream at the McDonalds. heheh

You can zoom in to see the exact spot where to hitchhike from Odense towards Juland on the following map:

Good luck! ;-)


A few phostos I made in this fairy tale-ish city. There's an wonderful view from the castle windows and you see this huge lake full of birds swimming and people jogging around.

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