A month living in Bangkok, Thailand

Um mês morando em Banguecoque, Tailândia

Um mês já se passou desde que peguei um avião da Turquia pra Tailândia. Ainda não viajei por aqui pedindo carona, em vez disso tenho trabalho no aplicativo pra caroneiros MyHitchhikingSpots.

Meu anfitrião aqui em Banguecoque tem carro e em alguns finais de semana a gente tem feito algumas viagens curtas pelo país. Se quiser acompanhar o que eu tenho experienciado e explorado pela Tailândia, você pode me seguir tanto no Facebook quanto no Instagram. Assim que eu voltar pras estradas caronando eu deverei voltar a postar no Youtube e aqui no blog também.

Nos vemos!
A month has past since I flew from Turkey to Thailand. I haven't done any hitchhiking here yet, but I've been working on the app for hitchhikers MyHitchhikingSpots.

My host here in Bangkok has a car and in some weekends we've been doing a few small trips around country. If you wanna follow what I've been experiencing and exploring in Thailand, make sure you follow me on Facebook or Instagram. Whenever I'm back to the roads hitchhiking you'll get updates on Youtube and here on the blog as well.

See you!
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War in Syria, terrorist attacks in Turkey - and I spent 2 months hitchhiking around

In times when the world speaks about the war in Syria and the terrorist attacks in Turkey, here I am. While in western and northern Europe I've heard and seen what war refugees and immigrants sometimes face, here in Turkey I've experienced the most amazing hospitality on this trip up to now. It turned out that in this part of the world been a foreigner actually gives you privileges instead.

I couldn't go camping in anywhere here, because it's been just too freezing cold for that. But in the other hand, as a big contrast comparing to my time in Bulgaria, finding a place to stay in Turkey was as easy as putting a message on CouchSurfing or on Facebook groups which Turks would read it and invite me to their homes right away. Some of the people who picked me up (on cars or trucks) also invited me to stay at their places, and there was even two cases in the Turkish capital (Ankara) when I was sitting in a cafe or I was partying in a club and people that I've met said that I was welcome to stay at their places or I could call them on their phones if I needed just anything.

I had the chance to learn a bit about Kurdish people, and why there are Kurdish groups doing some of these terrorist attacks that happened in the country while I'm here. I hitchhiked the South coast of Turkey where loads of English people migrated to, and I even had the lucky to get a lift with a English lady on her motorbike.

Welcome to Turkey, the country where a female Italian hitchhiker was raped and murdered 8 years ago, and where I only met hospitality, friendship and loads of other hitchhikers who love hitchhiking through these lands where getting a lift usually is super quick. And these lands where you're always offered a cigarette (and very often also food) by the drivers who pick you up. The people who host you here rarely let you split the costs of the bill (they want to pay it themselves, because "the guest always comes first"), and basically everyone invites you to have some delicious traditional food, tea, salep, etc.

Zoom in this map - click here.

As you might have noticed on this map, the closest that I have come to the Syrian and Iranian borders was just to near the city of Adana. But this alone was already enough to worry some friends and family of mine who follow my stories on the internet (as if knowing that I'm traveling in Turkey while terrorist attacks are happening wasn't worrying them enough).

The fact that I've initially considered hitchhiking to Iran also got some people worried, due to homosexuality been considered a State crime (and I'm gay if you don't know it yet) and it can be punished by some cruel ways, including a possible death penalty. The temporary good news is that due to the cold of wintertime and the fact that Brazilian citizens have to pay to take visas to enter Iran, I've decided to postpone my trip in that country to the future.

The full list of photos, stories or videos that I've posted during this time travelling in Turkey is organised for you below - by date and by locations, so that you can click the ones that might interest you the most.

Here goes a playlist of videos uploaded to Youtube. The GoPro camera that I have been using unfortunately broke somewhere near Fethiye, therefore you might see some videos recorded with my phone camera instead (which is a bit shittier).

I thank you a lot for the amazing experiences, Turkey! I feel like I learned so much! And I can't agree more on how amazing it is to travel in a country culturally and geographically so mixed between Middle East and Europe!

Next stop

I'm flying tomorrow to Thailand, where I'll be hitchhiking around for probably one month before crossing the border to Malaysia. Besides that, the only plan I have so far is to be in Indonesia in April. And I know just nothing about that part of the world and their culture! Come together and explore it with me, and remember that you can always keep an eye on my posts on Instagram or Facebook to get updates more often!
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2 months hitchhiking Bulgaria & Romania

2 meses caronando pela Bulgária & Romênia

Estou pelo leste Europeu há uns 2 meses e meio já. Quer saber resumidamente um pouco do que eu estive fazendo por aqui até o momento? Entāo esse post vai pra você.

Me deu crise de saudades (texto), passei quase duas semanas numa casa nas montanhas (foto), fui hospedado pelo neto de uma cantora famosa em Sofia (foto), cruzei a ponte na fronteira da Bulgaria pra Romenia a pé (video), perdi peso (foto), me voluntariei pra ir visitar crianças num hospital de Bucareste (foto), pedi carona à beira de uma rodovia nacional num breu total onde não tinha luz de poste nem da lua (video), alcancei 1000 inscritos no meu canal do Youtube (post / video), me vi fazendo novos amigos (foto) e os reencontrando em outras cidades (foto). Questionei de volta um policial (texto).

Criei um mapa pra marcar lugares onde me sugeriram ir ou onde me convidaram pra me hospedar (link). Consegui criar uma primeira versāo razoável do app que programei pra salvar os locais onde eu peço carona e com ele descobri que eu nunca esperei mais de 20min pedindo carona na Bulgária (foto / video).

Postei sobre a Bulgaria: porque a Bulgaria pode ser um ótimo destino pra Brasileiros (texto), encontrar couch não é tāo fácil (texto), pegar carona nunca me levou mais que 20 minutos (video).

Me apaixonei pela cidade de Plovdiv, virei amigo do caroneiro que me hospedou e fui e voltei pra cidade umas três vezes. Você pode ver isso na lista abaixo desses dois meses.


Você prefere ver as coisas num mapa? Tá aí:

Veja o mapa ampliado aqui.

Pra juntar todos os vídeos que gravei durante minha passagem pela Bulgária e Romênia eu criei uma playlist no Youtube e você pode assistir todos os vídeos aqui.

PS: Nāo sabe como eu vim parar aqui no leste da Europa? Eu vim pra cá participando de um campeonato de caronas da Alemanha.

Última atualizaçāo: 29/11/2016.
I've been in Eastern Europe for almost 2 and a half months now. Would you like to know briefly what I've been doing here during this time? Then this post goes for you.

I missed my friends (text), I spent almost two weeks in a hut in the mountains (photo), I was hosted by the grandchild of a famous singer in Sofia (photo), I crossed the bridge at the border of Bulgaria to Romania by foot (video), I lost weight (photo), I volunteered to visit kids in a hospital in Bucharest (photo), I hitchhiked on a highway in the complete darkness where there was no light poles or moon light (video), I reached 1000 subscribers on my Youtube channel (post / video), I saw myself making new friends (photo) and meet them again eventually in other town (photo). I've questioned a policeman back (text).

I created a map to save the places where people have suggested me to go or places where I was invited to (link). I managed to create a first decent version of the app that I developed for saving the locations where I have hitched and it made me realize that I've never awaited for more than 20 minutes when hitchhiking in Bulgaria (photo).

I published about Bulgaria: why Bulgaria could be a great destination for Brazilians (text), finding a couch in Bulgaria isn't so easy (text), hitchhiking in Bulgaria never took me more than 20 minutes (video).

I fell in love for the town of Plovdiv, became friends with the hitchhiker who hosted me and went off and back to the town again at least three times. You see it on the list below for these two months.


Do you prefer to see stuff on a map? There you go:

Open the map here.

To gather all the videos that I recorded during my time in Bulgaria and Romania I created a playlist on Youtube and you can watch all the videos here.

PS: Don't you know how I ended up here in Eastern Europe? I arrived here participating on hitchhiking race from Germany.

Last updated: 29/11/2016.
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Hardcore hitchhiking and camping during two weeks from Germany to Bulgaria

Duas semanas intensivas pedindo caronas e acampando da Alemanha até a Bulgária

Apesar da forma como eu escolhi escrever sobre a minha experiência no campeonato de caronas que me trouxe da Alemanha até a Bulgária durante as últimas semanas, eu acredito que seja hora de destacar o fato de que eu também me diverti bastante à beira das estradas desses diversos países pelos quais nós estivemos passando. Foram 2 semanas bem pesadas de intensas viagens pedindo caronas e acampando sem parar.

Rota Emil e todas as cidades onde eu passei pelo menos uma noite indo da Alemanha até a Bulgária durante o campeonato de caronas Tramprennen 2016. Clique pra ampliar.

Nós passamos pela Alemanha, Áustria, Eslovênia, Croácia, Hungria, Sérvia, Romênia e Bulgária. E neste post eu vou colocar todos os links de textos e imagens que publiquei durante esses dias no campeonato, organizados por datas, cidades e países, pra você poder ver direto aqueles que mais te interessar. ;-)

Talvez você também se interesse em conferir a playlist de vídeos no Youtube que gravei durante os dias do campeonato. Pra assistí-la, basta dar o Play abaixo e lembrar de me deixar um comentário pra eu saber se você curtiu! ;-)

Atualizado em: 27/10/2016.
Despite the way I've chosen to write about my experience on the hitchhiking race that took me from Germany to Bulgaria during the past weeks, I thought I should highlight the fact that I also have had a lot of fun by the roadsides of these many countries that we've been through. It was 2 weeks of nonstop hardcore hitchhiking and camping experiences.

Emil route and the all the cities where I've spent at least one night on our way from Germany to Bulgaria during the hitchhiking race Tramprennen 2016. Click here to zoom.

We've been through Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria. And here's some links to all the texts and pictures that I've published during those racing days, organized by dates, cities and countries so that you can check just the ones that you feel more like checking. ;-)

You may also feel like checking the Youtube playlist that I've made for the videos I've recorded during the race. Just push the Play button below and remember to leave me a comment letting me know what you found about it! ;-)

Updated on: 27/10/2016.

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Tramprennen, my experience on a hitchhiking race across Europe 2016

Tramprennen, minha experiência num campeonato de caronas pela Europa 2016

No dia 19 de Agosto eu peguei um trem da cidade de Munique, na Alemanha, até a cidade vizinha, Freising. Freising era um dos pontos de origem do Tramprennen, um campeonato de caronas que tenta ser um campeonato internacional mas acaba sendo basicamente só um campeonato Alemāo mesmo, como você poderá notar no decorrer deste post. Haviam times de caroneiros começando a partir de diversas partes da Alemanha, mas o destino final de todo mundo que participava do campeonato deste ano era a Bulgária.

As 6 opções de rotas que os times tiveram pra escolher no Tramprennen 2016. 5 começando da Alemanha e 1 da Áustria.

A partir de Freising em diante, nas próximas duas semanas eu estaria rodeado de outros(as) caroneiros(as), passando por vários países diferentes, países onde eu nunca estive antes, acampando e vivendo algumas experiências bem divertidas. Havia apenas um pequeno detalhe que me incomodaria todos os próximos dias: todos esses caroneiros ao meu redor falavam alemão. O que me levou posteriormente a decidir que no futuro é melhor eu evitar participar de eventos e qualquer tipo de atividades com grupos de pessoas nos quais eu seria a única pessoa que nāo fala alguma língua específica que todos os demais falam - especialmente se essas pessoas forem alemās.

Era pra eu ter no meu time uma outra pessoa que nāo fala alemão, uma menina da Sérvia, que decidiu pela internet formar uma equipe comigo e um alemão. Acabou que nenhum deles realmente vieram pro campeonato, e com disso eu acabei sendo o único a participar do campeonato começando a partir da cidade de Freising sem na verdade ter um time. O que mais que eu podia fazer? É obrigatório que montar nossos times antes que o campeonato comece, essa é uma exigência dos organizadores do campeonato. Se você é um estrangeiro que vem do outro lado do planeta e não tem muitos amigos na Alemanha, a única opção que você tem é encontrar pessoas que pareçam interessadas em montar um time com você através da Internet, montar um time com eles e torcer pra que eles realmente apareçam pro campeonato.

Apesar de que esta soe como uma história triste, algo massa me aconteceu. Durante os dias do campeonato, 3 times me ofereceram voluntariamente pra eu me juntar a eles em pelo menos uma das 6 etapas do campeonato. Embora também tenha acontecido um dia que 2 times estavam jogando um jogo pra decidirem qual deles iria me ter como parte do time deles em uma das próximas etapas, porque aparentemente eles se sentiram socialmente forçados pelos outros a me terem por uma etapa em seus times.

Em total no campeonato, nós éramos cerca de 150 pessoas, e a gente provavelmente pediu carona por todas as rodovias possíveis que levassem rumo à parte leste da Europa. Na rota que eu escolhi, a rota que começava da cidade de Freising, nós éramos cerca de 25 dessas pessoas, divididas em um total de 10 times. Todas essas pessoas sabiam falar Inglês, mas como eu era o único que nāo falava Alemāo no grupo, eles frequentemente ignoravam minha presença e mantinham a maior parte de suas conversas falando Alemāo.

Dia 29 de Agosto é dia do meu aniversário. Com isso, na noite do meu aniversário eu estava sentado na minha barraca opcionalmente acompanhado apenas de mim mesmo, e cozinhando uma sopa deliciosa de vegetais que eu havia roubado colhido à beira da estrada no dia anterior enquanto caronava pelo interior da Sérvia. Por coincidência as duas pessoas que formavam o time com o qual eu caronei mais vezes durante o campeonato - Jakob e Hannah - eventualmente vieram me visitar na minha barraca pra bater um pouco de papo comigo, e apesar do fato de que nenhum deles realmente ficaram sabendo que aquela noite era meu aniversário, eu me senti como se estivéssemos comemorando um pouco aquela data juntos. Sem contar que a Hannah havia trazido uma garrafa de vinho quando veio falar comigo, então eu acabei ainda por cima tomando um pouco de vinho na minha comemoração secreta. =)

A coisa mais massa de toda essa história é que o time que o peso-extra chamado Leo eu acabei pedindo carona mais vezes junto - Jakob e Hannah - foram os que acabaram ganhando em primeiro lugar na nossa rota. Isso significa que, entre todos os times que escolheram a mesma rota que a gente, Jakob e Hannah foram os que fizeram mais pontos durante todo o campeonato.

O time do Jakob e da Hannah nosso time (InternationAllgäu), foi o que ganhou o primeiro lugar no ranking da nossa rota (rota Emil).

No último dia oficial do nosso campeonato de caronas, Tramprennen 2016, quando todos os participantes de todas as rotas estavam presentes sentados à beira do lago Tsigov Chark - o destino final do campeonato -, todos os times estavam sendo chamados pelos seus nomes enquanto suas pontuaçōes eram anunciadas. O Jakob e a Hannah, os vencedores da nossa rota, me fizeram ser reconhecido como parte do time deles na frente de todo mundo.

Liveticker - Hannah, Jakob, Leo - Time InternationAllgäu - chegada ao lago Tsigov Chark, Bulgaria.

A lista completa dos países pelos quais passamos durante esse campeonato é: Alemanha, Áustria, Eslovênia, Croácia, Hungria, Sériva, Romênia e Bulgária.
Talvez você também tenha interesse em conferir a Parte 2 deste post, com título Duas semanas intensivas pedindo caronas e acampando da Alemanha até a Bulgária, onde você encontrará um mapa detalhado da rota e uma playlist de vídeos que gravei durante os dias do campeonato.

150 caroneiros(as) reunidos no destino final do campeonato de caronas Tramprennen 2016. Lago Tsigov Chark, Bulgária.
On the 19th of August I jumped on a train from Munich in Germany towards a neighbor town, Freising. Freising was going to be one of the starting points of Tramprennen, a hitchhiking race that tries to be an international race but falls back to being basically just German, as you'll notice throughout this blog post. Teams of hitchhikers have started from many different parts of Germany, but everybody's destination for this year's race was Bulgaria.

The 6 options of routes that the teams could opt to take for Tramprennen 2016. 5 starting from Germany and 1 from Austria.

From Freising on, the next two weeks I'd be surrounded by other hitchhikers, going across many different countries where I've never been before,  camping and living some pretty fun experiences. There was just a small fact that would bug me all the next days: all those hitchhikers were German speakers. It led me later to decide that in the future I should always avoid events or activities with groups of people within which I would be the only non speaker of a certain language that they all speak - specially if they're from Germany.

I was supposed to be in a team with another non German speaker, which was a girl from Serbia who've decided over internet to team up with me and a German guy. Later, it turned out that none of them actually came to the race, therefore I was the only one joining the race in the route that was starting from Freising without actually having a team. What else could I do? It's mandatory that you build your team yourself before the race starts, it's a requirement from the race organisers. If you're a foreign sheep from across the ocean who doesn't have many friends in Germany, the only option you'll have is to find people who seem interested to build a team together over internet, then you build it with them and hope that they'll come.

Even though this sounds like a sad story, something very nice has happened. During the racing days, 3 teams voluntarily offered me to join them in at least one of the 6 stages of the race. Although it also happened once that 2 other teams were playing a game in order to decide which one of them would take me as a part of their team on a next stage, because apparently they felt like they were been socially forced by the others to do so.

On the entire race, we were in total around 150 people, and we've probably hitchhiked in every possible roads towards Eastern part of Europe. On the route that I took, the one starting from the city of Freising, we were around 25 of these people, split into a total of 10 teams. All of them were able to speak English, but as I was the only non German speaker in the group, they've often chosen to just ignore my presence and kept almost all their conversations in German.

The 29th of August happen to be my birthday. So, on my birthday night I was sitting by my own choice in my tent accompanied by myself and cooking a delicious soup of vegetables that I've stolen picked by the roadside on the day before while hitchhiking somewhere in the countryside of Serbia. By coincidence the two people who form the team that I've hitchhiked mostly with during the race - Jakob and Hannah - eventually visited me in my tent to chat a bit, and besides the fact that none of them actually got to know that it was my birthday, it felt for me like we were celebrating that date a bit together. I've got to mention that Hannah had brought a bottle of wine with her and so I ended up even having some wine on my secret celebration. =)

The nicest thing in this whole story is that the team that Leo, the extra-wheel I ended up hitchhiking mostly with - Jakob and Hannah - were the ones who ended up winning the first position of our route. This means that among all the teams who took the same route as us, Jakob and Hannah were the ones who've scored more points during the whole race.

Jakob and Hannah's Our team (InternationAllgäu), was the one who got the first position on the ranking for our route (Emil route).

On the last official day of our race Tramprennen 2016, when everyone from every route were all present sitting by Tsigov Chark lake - the final destination of the race -, all the teams were having their names called while their total points were announced. Jakob and Hannah, the winners of our route, made me be acknowledged as part of their team in front of everyone else.

Liveticker - Hannah, Jakob, Leo - InternationAllgäu team - arrival at Tsigov Chark, Bulgaria.

The complete list of countries that we've been through during this race is: Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria.
You may also want to check the Part 2 of this blog post called Hardcore hitchhiking and camping during two weeks from Germany to Bulgaria where you can find a detailed map of this route and watch a playlist of videos that we've recorded during the race days.

150 hitchhikers gathered at the final destination of the hitchhiking race Tramprennen 2016. Tsigov Chark lake, Bulgaria.

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